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Australia’s Tattoo Revival Magazine was the leading tattoo magazine in Australia.

It has been a quarterly magazine printed on high quality paper with bold colorful images and has stayed in front of its competition for over ten years.

We are very sorry to inform all our readers and followers of TATTOO REVIVAL magazine that we are no longer publishing our line of tattoo magazines. After more than a decade of publishing the titles of the following- TATTOO REVIVAL magazine, (volumes 1- 32 )
But the good news is we will still be running it a different format from this App/Webpage and Facebook for viewing online

Features on the best studios, the biggest and the best shows and interviews with the most famous tattoo artists as well as new talent will ensure that there is something for everybody.


Some of the shows that Tattoo Revival have done over the last 10 years

The PTAA Adelaide Show.
The Sydney Tattoo and Body Art Expo.
The Rites of Passage tattoo convention
The PTAA National Tattoo Convention
The London Tattoo Convention,
Surf n Ink Gold Coast,
The Sydney Tattoo Expo,
SINZ Tattoo Convention in New Zealand.


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........Tattoo Revival Issue - 32......

Meet our cover girl Kandy in this great issue of Tattoo Revival. All the big names of the tattoo world were at the Crazy AITS Melbourne show and we were there to catch the action.

We interview the brilliant Bob Tyrrell, visit Tattoo Magic, Bali Shadow Tattoo, Josh Bodwell from the states and interview Brett Stewart from the awesome Australian Tattoo Museum

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........Tattoo Revival Issue - 31......

This issue Tattoo Revival features a great coverage of the PTAA Melbourne show. A brilliant collection of some of Australia's finest tattooists. From the USA we interview the amazing Paul Booth.

The very talented Joe Capobianco tells his story and more from Italy with Ueo and Michael Rose
from the U.K.

Stacks of local arists show us

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........Tattoo Revival Issue - 30......

This issue Tattoo Revival features the PTAA Adelaide show, The Sydney Tattoo & Body Art Expo and The Rites of Passage Festival held in Melbourne.

Packed with amazing designs from talented artists from all over the globe, check out the best of the best from Australia's most popular Tatt mag.

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........Tattoo Revival Issue - 29......

This great issue showcases some extraordinary artists including Claire Reid who's story of travel and discovery has helped her become one of the world's greatest.

We drop in on Adam Kitamoto from TenTen Tattoo.

Mick Squires is featured on our cover and we get to see his amazing portrait work.

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